Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Google Chrome Browser hits 15% for January 2011

The browser from Google keeps increasing in popularity, which is not at all unexpected. It has been on a very steep rise ever since it was launched, hit 6.04% in Jan 2010, and now stands at 15.68% worldwide, as reported by StatCounter.

From the graph we can observe that it cannibalizes the market share of its main competitor, IE, now at 45.48%. IE's market share has seen a continuous downward trend ever since StatCounter started gathering data in July 2008, but ever since Google Chrome was first released it's downfall has been accelerated.

To be continued.

Until then, here are a few features that users of Google Chrome surely appreciate:
- Has the speedy V8 JavaScript engine, that makes websites feel snappier than ever.
- Chrome defaults to a page featuring the user's eight most visited Web pages.
- Chrome has an "Incognito" mode, in which the user can browse with complete privacy, as none of the history, cookies or searches are not stored.
- Tabbed browsing. Furthermore, Chrome integrates the Title Bar with the Tabs Bar, to save display estate.
- Very good security. Chrome sandboxes Web pages, preventing drive-by downloads and installations. Furthermore, just recently, Google placed a 20000$ bet in the Pwn2Own competition that Chrome won't be hacked.
- Warns the user whenever they inadvertently reach malware sites.
- Users less memory that competing browsers.

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